About Us
In March of 2003, several greyhound enthusiasts met to discuss possible avenues for assisting retired racers outside, or in addition to, what local organizations were able to provide. It was decided that an appropriate response would be to form an organization dedicated to supporting adoption groups in various ways. This brand new organization would need a name defining its purpose:

• Greyhound- of course.

• Action- for Air’s Action Shot, or “Action” Pike- Running free now, but his spirit lives on. He also gives us our motto- “Taking ACTION to help greyhounds-one dog at a time.”

• League- A team. A force. Individuals united under one goal.

And so it was that the group was created. For the next several years, Greyhound Action League would continually survey the greyhound landscape, assisting when possible. This would include such things as transporting brood mothers to new areas, holding small fundraisers, or collecting collars for Spanish Galgos, among other functions. Some members left, others stayed and still more joined. In early 2008, it became obvious that much more needed to be accomplished locally. With a clearly defined mission and a core of passionate, experienced volunteers already in place, Greyhound Action League made the transition from support status to a fully fledged, not-for-profit adoption organization. From humble beginnings, GAL currently boasts more than sixty active volunteers in what has become a vibrant, growing and extremely efficient organization. Resourceful and fiercely dedicated, our volunteer base comprises hundreds of years of accumulated greyhound experience, allowing GAL to attend and host events both large and small.

We are truly taking ACTION every day to help greyhounds in need.