Greyhounds As Pets
The average age of a retired racer is between two and four years of age. Greyhounds are considered a large breed dog and have a life expectancy of twelve years. This gives them a good opportunity to enjoy retirement as a pet. In retirement, greyhounds make wonderful companions. They possess a calm and gentle nature and happily settle into a quiet, relaxed life, contrary to what many assume. They are athletes that have short bursts of energy and can go full out for a short time. Think of them as being sprinters.
Greyhounds are familiar and comfortable with using crates and we highly recommend that they are allowed to have access to a crate. A soft blanket or comforter makes it a happy sanctuary for them. Greyhounds are usually easily housebroken since they are accustomed to living in crates and then being taken outside to eliminate.
Greyhounds are sight hounds and thus cannot be left to run loose. Tie-outs do not work with this breed and we do not approve of electric fencing. We prefer a home with a fenced area, however we will consider a home that does not have a fence provided you are committed to walking the greyhound for eliminating purposes at least five times a day. Please keep in mind that this must be done every day, in all types of weather. Because the greyhounds are a pack oriented animal, only under special circumstances will we place one in a home that has a child under the age of six years old.
We foster greyhounds prior to placement allowing for the opportunity to spay/neuter the dog. We also provide a dental, blood work, de-worming and update vaccinations as necessary. During their healing process, the foster parents are able to observe the personality of the dog offering up the best suggestion as a permanent forever home. Please keep in mind that adopting a greyhound is a lifelong commitment to the dog. They can live in excess of twelve years of age and deserve to remain in their home through the senior years.
Greyhound Action League (GAL) of Buffalo, Inc, is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3, all volunteer organization. Please call us if you have any questions.