Adoption Process
If you are interested in starting the adoption process we ask that you complete an Adoption Application. The form is available and may be submitted online, or you can print out and mail it in. If you are a current pet owner, we ask that you attach or mail in separately a copy of your veterinarian’s reference letter. If you are a renter, please submit a letter from your landlord giving written permission allowing you to adopt and own a greyhound in the residence. Upon receipt of your application and any subsequent letters a GAL Volunteer will contact you by phone to set up a home visit appointment. This will be held in your home and we ask all that live with you be present for this appointment. When we visit there will be two volunteers (for safety) and we will bring one or two of our own pets. Our purpose for the home visit is twofold. First, our visit gives us an opportunity to discuss the needs of a greyhound and answer your questions. Secondly, we are able to access the type of greyhound that would be an appropriate fit for your home. Once approved, GAL will start the search process for a greyhound. We will look first to the greyhounds currently in our fostering program, and if necessary will bring an additional dog into the area to be fostered for future placement. Please be patient this process takes time. Understand that our priority in placement is by personality first. We would prefer that you do not ask for a specific color. We do not rescue by color – but by the greyhound that is no longer racing and has no other place to go. While in foster care the greyhounds will have been spayed/neutered, dental, heartworm check, blood work, de-wormed and updated on vaccinations as necessary. The Foster home will evaluate the greyhound’s personality. GAL initiates the acclimation process to being a pet – but you as the adopter will be required to continue this process. The adoption fee for the greyhound is $300.00 and is payable at the time we deliver -place your greyhound.
Adoption Policy
Please keep in mind that adopting a greyhound is a lifelong commitment to the greyhound. They can live in excess of 12 years of age and deserve to remain in their home through the senior years. Since greyhounds are a pack oriented animal, only under special circumstances will we place one in a home that has a child under the age of 6 years old. Greyhounds are sight hounds and thus cannot be left to run loose. Tie outs do not work with this breed nor do we approve of electric fencing. We prefer a home with a fenced area however we will consider a home that does not have a fence provided you are committed to walking the greyhound for eliminating purposes at least five times a day. Please keep this commitment in mind that it is everyday in all types of weather. We recommend reviewing a copy of the GAL Adoption Agreement (a legal binding contract) which you will be required to sign and honor when adopting a greyhound.